Huw Andrews' multidisciplinary artworks are ... This is how my last artist statement started. The only thing I like doing less than writing my artist statement is reading it. I only started taking an interest in things like art, plays and books in my mid-twenties. When I started art school as a mature student I could count all the contemporary artists I knew on one hand. I copied jargon from other artist statements to make mine sound more art-like. I met someone who was on Channel 4's Faking It in my final year, the more we related to each other's experiences the less I felt like a fraud. As I still haven't figured out why I make art, beyond enjoying it, I can struggle to explain my work sometimes. I've always thought it would be easier, and probably more insightful, for someone else to write my artist statement instead.

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Huw Andrews was born in Wales and is based in Bristol. Interested in travel, pop culture (mostly out of date) and what he's supposed to be doing, he plays with video, sound, animation, illustration, photo, text, objects, performance and appropriated material. In 2010 he completed a Fine Art degree at Leeds Metropolitan University, winning the Edna Lumb Travel Prize there in 2009. In 2018 he completed a part-time MSc in Psychology of Education at the University of Bristol, conducting a research project into art classification ('that's art'/'that's not art').
Art education:
2010 BA Fine Art. Leeds Metropolitan University
2007 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Bristol School of Art

Selected online publications/exhibitions:
2020 Backslash Lit. Issue 1: Init
2020 nawr. Issue 2: Connection

Selected group exhibitions:
2019 Creative Reactions. North Street Gallery and The Island, Bristol
2017 Spike Island Open. Spike Island, Bristol
2015 442. 442 Gallery, London
2014 One Night Only Film Festival. Old Shire Hall, Durham
2014 Sidney Cooper Film Open. Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury
2013 Places That Don't Exist. Hotel C'est la Vie, London
2013 Sheffield Fringe. Bloc Projects, Sheffield
2012 The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp. g39, Cardiff
2012 Beaten Black, Blue, Red, Green and Gold. Thomas Goddard’s place, Cardiff
2012 Mis-In-Formation. Fringe Arts Festival, Bath
2011 Two Sides of the Same Coin. The Russian Frost Farmers, Wellington, New Zealand
2011 ¿AreWeNotDrawnOnwardToNewEra?. g39, Cardiff
2011 twoscore. Chapter and Outcasting, Cardiff
2011 This Impossibly Conjured World. Glove Box, Bristol
2011 An Exchange with Sol LeWitt. Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, MA, USA
2009 Salver. Old BBC Broadcasting House, Leeds

Selected solo exhibitions:
2011 Bide Your Time. Elysium Gallery, Swansea
2011 In Soviet Times My Friends Had Teams Like Barcelona, I Had Wrexham. The Last Gallery, Llangadog
2010 Please Don't Make Me... The One-Offs Project, Umbrella, Leeds

2015 Guide to Displace. Text and image for Rattle Journal, Issue 5
2012 Surplus Hype. Text and image for Rattle Journal, Issue 3
2010 Dazzling stores... Text for Copy // understudy, Critical Writing Collective
2010 Biodegrade, Grace and UFA. Audio tracks for Grey is the Colour of Hope

2013 The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea